Ted McNeil

ed McNeil was born in Brooklyn, New York a long, long time ago. He majored in Art and Advertising Design at the University of Florida and New York's School of Visual Arts.
In 1961, stuffing all his worldly goods into his white Corvette, he returned to New York to spend the next 25 years as an art director at eight of the world's largest advertising agencies, winning over 90 awards for creativity in virtually every major communications competition in the country, including The Clio Awards, The New York Art Directors Club, The One Show, AIGA's "50 Ads of the Year," The Advertising Club of New York's ANDY Awards and The International Film and TV Festival's Gold Medal.
Living in New Canaan, Connecticut in an 18th century saltbox, and driving a vintage '60s Ferrari to the train station each day for the 2-hour commute into Manhattan, the inevitable question arose for him: "Is this as good as it gets?"
Not yet...
Wobbling off the treadmill after the requisite divorce, he was now free to concentrate on a


simpler lifestyle and to look for something that might bring some real peace of mind.
In 1987 he found it, in northern New Mexico. "A quiet corner of the world... like going back in time to the '50s."
But the really great gifts of the move to New Mexico were the time to rediscover his love of fine art and his passion for the landscape.
"I can spend months on a piece and I love looking at it as it progresses," McNeil muses. "I lose myself in the picture, imagining myself under that shade tree on the rocky hilltop and find absolute contentment. For me, this may well be as good as it gets."
Perhaps this feeling was best summed up by Henri Matisse:

"What I dream of is an art of balance, of serenity, devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter... an art which could be for the businessman as well as the man of letters... a soothing, calming influence on the mind, something like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue."

McNeil now lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his partner Dana, three dogs and a happy heart.


T.J. McNeil • 7 Bluebell Court • Taos, New Mexico 87571
phone 575.741.0552
email: tedmcneil@comcast.net